‘The scarcity loop’

mindset spirituality Jan 26, 2021

You don’t have to give something up for people to be happy.

We are sooo freaking stuck in the scarcity, we are constantly thinking there is not enough. If I have something the other person missed out and if they have it I miss out.

WTF! OK… I was sooooo thinking like this not even 5 months ago. I was soooo freaking stuck in this scarcity loop.

I want to let you in on a secret, which is not even a secret but for some reason people much rather believe that we live in scarcity than believe that we live in abundance. 

And when I talk about abundance I want to make it clear that its abundance coming from love not from ego - I am not talking about over consumption, capitalism and consumerism. I am not talking about buying 10 packs of toilet paper because there is an abundance in the store. That we can keep mining the earth coz there is an abundance. Mining the earth is like asking someone to donate blood, and then never letting them leave till they are all dried up and you can’t get anymore blood so you suddenly think…”oh fuck I killed that person”.

WAKE UP! The earth is a living entity, you are the earth actually, so the way you treat the planet actually directly correlates to your relationship with yourself. I will leave it for you to work it out and if you struggle send me a message and I will do another blog on it.

Today, I am talking about abundance. I am talking about that your beliefs create your reality. I am living in abundance, I am living in a world full over infinite possibilities and opportunities. Are you??

I didn’t always live in the world like that…I used to see the world through the glasses society, culture, schooling and other forms of conditioning had over me. I used to live in scarcity with the mentality that I will never have enough and that I always need more. More money, more love, more attention, more fun, more sex, more, more, more. 

This mentality and attitude totally blocked me from seeing what I actually had. It also created an effed up relationship to people around me. I always wanted something from someone, or I thought that if I had it they couldn’t. 

We think that to save the world we need to give shit up, that is not true. I am here to tell you that it is not f*cking true. The world is infinite. Yes this may be controversial but as I said earlier your beliefs create your reality because they then fruition into action which then become habits. 

What are your stories and beliefs around this topic? Did reading this trigger you? Do you disagree?

When you switch to realise that you don’t miss out on anything when you share because you live in abundance, in over flow, there is more than enough for everyone things begin to shift. Why do 1st world countries have so much food they actually have to trash it at the end of the day and 3rd world countries are starving. Not even 3rd world, why in a 1st world countries there are people throwing out food and other people starving hoping they could have 1 meal a day?


Because the person that is throwing out the food is living in scarcity, you might think they are living in abundance because they have too much food they need to throw it out BUT if they lived in abundance they would buy just enough because they know deep down that there is always food, there is more than enough they don’t need to hoard. When you live in abundance you know that you will always have what you need, you don’t need to hoard, money, food, clothes, etc. 

When you live in the world of scarcity and mentality of not enough you need more, you buy more, you save more, and then the funny thing is you play out your self fulfilling prophecy. You save because you believe that you need it for a “rainy day” in case something goes wrong. You then give charge to that belief, you then take actions in alignment with that belief and then it becomes a habit and the subconscious takes care of the rest. Next thing you know your piped busted and you say to yourself see lucky I have that rainy day fund.

Who have been in a loop of saving, saving, saving and then something major happens and you lose it all and go back to repeat the same pattern? Do you think it’s a coincidence or a carefully executed belief creates reality? Just some food for thought.

I know what I just said is a tough pill to swallow. This took me a long time to come to terms with. I knew I was an epic manifester but I found it really hard to come to terms with that I manifest the good and the shit into my life. I couldn’t believe that I manifested the shit, I just couldn’t, I didn’t want to take responsibility for that. I was way happier just giving my power away to the circumstances and blaming others, because that’s the norm and what everyone else does right? 

If you think yes, it explains a lot about where you are in your life and I invite you to reflect.

 Are you at a place in your life where you are ready to take radical self responsibility and stop giving your power away to circumstances? If so, reach out I would love to work with you and support you on your journey of living in abundance and become the change you want to see in the world.

Saving the planet doesn’t mean you go without, it actually means you thrive and lead by example in every area of life.


Dasha Barsukova


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