‘How to shine your magic into the world’

Are you a healer or a change maker wanting to make a difference in the world? Do you have a special gift or message to share? 

If it’s a freak yes to either/both but you are feeling stopped...keep reading!

Welcome beautiful soul, firstly I want to acknowledge you for the incredible work you are doing in the world. It takes something to show up in your truth and go against the norm. My intention is for healers and change makers to become the majority instead of minority, for healing and self care to be a norm not seen as broken or selfish.

I know that on my journey of showing up in the world, in my truth there were a few setbacks. The biggest was my self worth and trust. I always doubted myself, my gifts and my message. I didn’t trust that I had it in me to show up and change the world. I was scared of pushing people away and losing the support of my friends and loved ones. This fear stopped me for a while in sharing my message, I didn’t want to seem weird or crazy.

One thing that helped me overcome that was diving into my shit and building up my self worth. Looking at parts of myself that I didn’t even know I was rejecting, healing parts that were suppressed, giving the unspoken a voice, and meeting the unmet parts of myself. I was able to fully accept, embody and celebrate every part of myself after diving deep within and shining the light on the shadow that has been running my life on the subconscious. 

After being able to work on and meet every part of myself, especially the parts I was ashamed of and hated. I felt so free and liberated. I no longer projected my insecurities onto others, I didn’t care what others thought of me because I knew who I really was for myself. I tapped into radical self love and acceptance. It totally transformed my life, it transformed my relationships with people and how I began to show up in the world. I was able to fully tune into why I am here, my purpose, my mission and I was able to show up in my truth. I was no longer scared of speaking up and sharing my work in the world. 

This new found freedom just snowballed into more magic and more miracles, now I have a booming business and I impacted and transformed many people's lives.

Are you interested in working through, shame, fear and doubt? Would you like to tap into radical self love and acceptance? Do you want the freedom to share your gifts and magic into the world?

Join my carefully curated 3 month program to dive deep within and shine the light on the shadow to free yourself from shame, fear and doubt. The Unspoken - giving the unmet, suppressed and rejected parts of yourself a voice.


Dasha Barsukova


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