‘The scarcity loop’

mindset spirituality Jan 26, 2021

You don’t have to give something up for people to be happy.

We are sooo freaking stuck in the scarcity, we are constantly thinking there is not enough. If I have something the other person missed out and if they have it I miss out.

WTF! OK… I was sooooo thinking like this not even 5 months ago. I was soooo freaking stuck in this scarcity loop.

I want to let you in on a secret, which is not even a secret but for some reason people much rather believe that we live in scarcity than believe that we live in abundance. 

And when I talk about abundance I want to make it clear that its abundance coming from love not from ego - I am not talking about over consumption, capitalism and consumerism. I am not talking about buying 10 packs of toilet paper because there is an abundance in the store. That we can keep mining the earth coz there is an abundance. Mining the earth is like asking someone to donate blood, and then never letting them leave till they are all dried up and...

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‘How to shine your magic into the world’

Are you a healer or a change maker wanting to make a difference in the world? Do you have a special gift or message to share? 

If it’s a freak yes to either/both but you are feeling stopped...keep reading!

Welcome beautiful soul, firstly I want to acknowledge you for the incredible work you are doing in the world. It takes something to show up in your truth and go against the norm. My intention is for healers and change makers to become the majority instead of minority, for healing and self care to be a norm not seen as broken or selfish.

I know that on my journey of showing up in the world, in my truth there were a few setbacks. The biggest was my self worth and trust. I always doubted myself, my gifts and my message. I didn’t trust that I had it in me to show up and change the world. I was scared of pushing people away and losing the support of my friends and loved ones. This fear stopped me for a while in sharing my message, I didn’t want to seem weird or...

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‘An Introduction to Dasha and the Unspoken’

Hello beautiful souls,

So for those of you who don’t know me I am Dasha and I am an intuitive mindset coach. It took me a long time to fully own who I am and speak to the Unspoken, shame, fear and doubt I had about claiming my title of an intuitive.

My spiritual journey began through yoga, I am sure many of you can relate. I always loved those “spiritual” teachers. Little did I know, till going to India that Yoga is a religion and the western world took just the first chapter about asana - the postures and decided to capitalise on it. That was the beginning of my journey.

I then set off on an adventure of a lifetime. I saved $22K to travel till it ran out. At the beginning of that trip I set an intention of wanting to connect deeper with my intuition. I set it and forgot it. I only just re-remembered a few months back. It was an intention that changed my life completely as I look back on my life now.

In October 2016 I visited a shaman that told me about my millions...

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