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Are you wanting to create the life of your dreams?

Are you ready to claim all the parts of you that have been suppressed and ignored?


Work with Dasha


A 3 month digital journey designed to help you connect to yourself, to dive deep and cut through all the B.S that has prevented you from living the life of your dreams. Perfect for the changemaker ready to play big, create true transformation and step into their brilliance. 


Unleashed is a 30 Day Self and Pleasure course designed to help you in discovering your erotic shadow imprint and heal it, in a gentle, supported and nourishing way. Unleashed channeled through me during COVID, it was one of my biggest self love awakenings. It led me to totally transforming my self worth, allowing love in and meeting my soulmate. Before channeling and journeying this course I thought I was connected to my body but I realised it was all superficial. I never actually listened to my body or honoured my pussy. 


In the Unleashed you will learn what is an erotic shadow, what is your erotic shadow and how to heal it. Embarking on this journey will lead you into deeper connection with yourself, your body and your genitals. It will give you tools to gently and softly work through past trauma, stored emotions, past relationships, sexual shame and other aspects of your shadow.


If your soul is calling, registers are now open.



Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle


Reclaiming the power of your period, freeing yourself from the shame and the pain.


Did you know that...if you hate, reject or shame your period you actually hate, reject and shame a part of you?

Walking around with this heavy ball and chain reflects directly into your self-worth, your self-love and your ability to fully claim your power. Your ability to fully love and accept yourself. This then affects your career choices, your relationship choices, how you let others treat you, and all other life choices.

Would you like to know more? Want to know how to transform that?

I invite you to place a hand on your heart and close your eyes and ask yourself...

What would it be like if I didn’t hate my period?

What would it be like if I loved my period?

Can you even imagine that? I know there was a point in my life where I couldn’t.

I did everything I could not have my period. It haunted me...if I have anything fun to do, like go on camp or a swimming carnival I would get my menstrual cycle.

I freaking hated it, I tried to skip it as much as I could until my friend told me about her Implanon and how it was the best thing ever because she never bled.

Back then I thought it was God's gift to womxn..that was until I found out the true power of our monthly blood.

Luckily it was better late than never. In the training that I was attending their were women that were postmenopausal, and shed a lot of grief for the magic they missed, lost and trashed.

I don't want you to have the same regrets and this information unfortunately is not readily available. Until you learn what you don't know, you don't know you cant truly have the power to make a choice.

From that moment I was on a mission to support women and people that bleed in my life. I was also passionate to educate any partners or fathers that wanted to know more.




with Dasha 1 on 1?

Bespoke Coaching with Dasha, me and you, 1 on 1.


If group work is not for you, and you are looking for a more personal 1:1 experience. The Bespoke coaching package will be for you.


This is for someone who is busy, has a lot on their plate, and wants to turn their life and business around.


Hand crafted and personally curated coaching for that soul that is full power. Who wants all the magic, who wants all the juice?


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