‘An Introduction to Dasha and the Unspoken’

Hello beautiful souls,

So for those of you who don’t know me I am Dasha and I am an intuitive mindset coach. It took me a long time to fully own who I am and speak to the Unspoken, shame, fear and doubt I had about claiming my title of an intuitive.

My spiritual journey began through yoga, I am sure many of you can relate. I always loved those “spiritual” teachers. Little did I know, till going to India that Yoga is a religion and the western world took just the first chapter about asana - the postures and decided to capitalise on it. That was the beginning of my journey.

I then set off on an adventure of a lifetime. I saved $22K to travel till it ran out. At the beginning of that trip I set an intention of wanting to connect deeper with my intuition. I set it and forgot it. I only just re-remembered a few months back. It was an intention that changed my life completely as I look back on my life now.

In October 2016 I visited a shaman that told me about my millions of my past lives, that I am a healer, that I am a starseed, that I am a herbalist, and many many other things that I thought were either “crazy”, “wooh wooh”, or I just complete misunderstood or didn’t even hear. Luckily he let me record the session. It is amazing how our brain works and how we see/hear only what we are ready/want to. Every so often I get out the recording and have another listen, everything is totally true and the more I grow, learn and uplevel the more I remember. 

Radical self love and acceptance for who I am in the world was not always the case. It has taken me a lot of self work. It has taken me a lot of mindset and beliefs to work. I had to look at all the conditioning I have experienced over this and previous life times. I had to remember why I was scared. I also had to notice why I rejected some part of myself but first I had to notice that I was rejecting parts of myself. The first step is always awareness, we don’t know what we don’t know.

One of my precious channelled works is the Unspoken. It is all about looking at your life and your relationship to yourself. It is about speaking to the unspoken, to free yourself from fear, guilt and shame. It is about diving deep within to uncover and radically accept all parts of yourself. 

Do you want to free yourself from fear, doubt and shame? Are you ready to find out who you really are and remember why you are here? The unspoken is a great place to have a supportive community and structure to get out of your way. Most of the time why we are stopped is because WE are the ones that stop us from following and connecting to our purpose.  


Applications open now, send me a message!

We begin soon.

Dasha Barsukova


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