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Hi, I am Dasha (she/her)

I have created a life of my dreams, I leap out of bed every morning in pure bliss. 

That wasn’t the case always, it was a journey. A journey I would love to take everyone on. I believe that it all starts with self love and not this airy fairy, tell yourself one thing do another but deep, dense, radical self acceptance of all parts, especially the unmet, rejected and suppressed.

I truly believe that anyone can cultivate and create the life of their dreams if they believe that they truly deserve it. The key part is believing you deserve it. This is where I came in, and teach you the tools to have it all.

The journey that I will take you on will be a deep, dense dive into self love. It will be the start of  your internal self love revolution that will then ripple out into your family, communities and the world.

The journey begins with you owning every part of yourself, especially the parts that you have been conditioned to reject, ignore, suppress and hate.

This is a shame free space where everything is welcome. Every emotion, feeling, belief, decision, thought, action.


Because I know and wholeheartedly believe that we are all human and we are designed to make mistakes, this is how we learn our soul’s lessons. 

We are designed to f*ck up, in some point during the evolution we had forgotten that and shame creeped in.  I am a stand for freedom from shame, guilt, doubt and resentment.

I want to show you how you are absolutely perfect, magic and divine just the way you are. I want to celebrate you and help shine the light on your blind spots, parts of you that you don’t know, you don’t know run you. 

There is no point in shaming, shaming doesn’t make change. Shaming puts people in a box, shaming ostracizes. Taking radical self responsibility and taking actions to educate yourself and shifts old ways is the way forward. 

I invite you to take radical self responsibility for yourself and your life, begin to act from unconditional love for yourself and the world.


I invite you to fall deeply and madly in love with who you are. 


As you heal the deep wounds, yours, ancestral and the collective... You will come back to your true self and that will then ripple out into the world with every word and action you take.


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Dasha Barsukova (she/her) is an intuitive mindset coach, her ability to see right into your heart and connect you with what truly inspires, lights you up and ignites the fire within. She is a manifesting queen, a witch, yogi, conscious events organiser, international speaker, worldwide facilitator, and digital course creator.

With a huge passion for personal development, a double major in psychology, and a true lover of all things progressive and ritual, Dasha created the ‘Unspoken’ body of work to help guide others to embrace and speak to the taboo and claim the unmet and unowned parts of self. The body of work helps you delayer all the negative stories and beliefs that are stopping you from pursuing your purpose, in a supportive community of like minded change maker souls.


Dasha specialises in helping people to feel empowered by reflecting back their truth, and highlighting how our relationship to self affects, and shapes, every single choice that we make in our life. She looks at your whole life and takes a holistic approach in the sense that everything impacts everything and if we suppress something it gets projected in other areas of life. She looks at your relationship to self, self worth, parents, sex, food, work, life, body.


Dasha has also created ‘Unhinged’ a 6 month mentorship. A mentorship, created, to blow the doors off of what is humanly possible. This mentorship is not only about cultivating your dream life, making money from what you love, making a change in the world, overcoming fear and doubt, it is also an embodiment. Over the 6 month journey you get to fully accept every part of yourself, you see yourself on a deeper level connecting to your true purpose and nature and fully embodying your truth. The mentorship is about remembering who you are, why you are here and how to get out of your own way.

Dasha’s self development journey began at the age of 16 and that is when she began to see life in a different way. She always had an inherent desire to transform people’s lives and show them the magic they have inside of them. At 22 she completed her Psychology degree and set off on her longest trips. At 25 she reached 52 countries. 


Her spiritual journey deepened at 22 years of age in India when she discovered what Yoga truly was. She then continued to explore it further through her travels through the Americas seeing her first Shaman in Guatemala.


She was always passionate about bringing women together and empowering them to empower each other. She went on to learn from Janine … and Jane Hard Wicke Collings where the relationship to her cycle totally transformed and her life changed.

After diving deeper into Tantra and Shamanism through the International School Of Temple Arts she continued her work into Boundaries and Consent by learning from the Pioneer of the Wheel of Consent, Betty Martin. Dasha believes that your relationship to sex and pleasure plays a massive role in how you live and enjoy your life. She loves all things witchy and magic and is currently diving deeper into these realms with the Author of the Magician’s Way, William Whitecloud.






“Dasha brings your authentic self out, allows you to see your shadows and holds you in a safe and loving way. She will hold you in all your glory as she shows you how to bring out your true magic”

Dasha brings a real and raw approach to her audiences, and her inspirational presentations have helped millennials to cultivate deeper meaning to their lives, relationships and a greater permission of self love.  


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I acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of this nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn, play and work. I pay respects to their Ancestors and Elders, past, present and emerging.