Want to unravel?

Are you ready to speak to the Unspoken and free yourself?

Do you believe that life is going to stay the same? 


That it may never actually change for you?

Trust me, I freaking get it. I tried to constantly solve my problems from the same limited thinking from the reality I was living. We don’t know, what we don’t know. I was stressed. I couldn’t see a way to change my life. I knew I was deeply unfulfilled. I sure as hell had no idea about what could actually be possible for me, or even where to start. 


Do you think that you don't have the time,  you can't afford it, and even if you could find the cash it won't work for you anyway?

I felt like everyone else ‘out there’ was making money, in jobs that they really loved and life just worked for them. 

When no one around you is reaching for bigger things, how can you? 

When your thinking isn't challenged, how can you? 

I know I certainly didn't feel free to be myself. I was in a constant cycle of working to save, doing all the 'right things' yet still unhappy, and not knowing how to change any of it. My life only radically changed when I started to get real with all the unconscious shit that was at play, and be fully responsible for creating my life, and it's results.

I was once in that exact, same position of shitty, limited thinking.

I am amazed at who I was, even a year ago, and how limited my thoughts and life experience were. I didn’t know how to meet myself, hold myself or love myself enough to want or ask for more.

I trust that if you are reading this, this is no coincidence. I am huge believer in synchronicity and Universal timing. I believe that the right teachers and guides show up when you least expect it. I believe that every human acts as a mirror back to us, and that there are lessons and gifts in this. 

I believe this isn’t an accident that you are here.

I am all about making the impossible, possible. 


I am here to show you your full worth, unlock every bit of it, and connect you to your divine purpose.

I am on a mission to help people win at life, for them to have the freedom to connect to what they truly want in life and then cultivate and manifest it with absolute ease and flow.


I have been asked so many times to share my personal story about how I was able to look at all the areas of my life that were unspoken, and gave them a voice. I have been asked so many times to share how I let go of a lifetime’s worth of bad feelings, and released shame + fear + guilt, to help me cut through all the BS that had prevented me from living the life of my dreams. 

I have been asked so many times to share the tools to deal with the shit that stopped me in life, so that you too, can uncover your blind spots and shine the light on your shadows to claim your best life. 

I went from making $25/h to receiving more in one night than I had ever received in my annual income. We are talking cash, money in my bank that night. Since shifting my limits, I have built a booming business, I was able to open my heart to love, and I have never been healthier and happier. 


I share my exact process with you in The Unspoken...

You can actually have a life you adore and turn everything around. 

Hi, I am DASHA


I used to believe that I couldn't make money from doing my soul work.

I used to think that I had to give my gifts away for free, because who was I to make money from them?

Everything shifted in my life when I was ready to take a truthful review of my life, and my beliefs. 


I dived into exploring my taboos, my shadows and how I constructed my inner reality. 


My whole life transformed when I realised that money, and love, and pleasure were all equal to how I felt about myself, and the more I lived in my authenticity and truth, the more I was able to step fully into all my dreams coming true! 

Why choose to join us in The Unspoken? Why me?

I am all about making the impossible possible. 

I have been devoted to self development from the age of 16, and I have an intuitive gift of sensing people’s purposes and potential. 

I have created a life beyond my wildest dreams and I leap out of bed every morning in pure bliss. That wasn’t the case always, it was a journey. A journey I believe that starts with self love . Not some ‘Aquarian, hippy free loving concept’ yet a deep, dense and radical self acceptance of all the parts of yourself, especially the unmet, rejected and suppressed.

At 27 years of age, I live my purpose, I adore my life. I have traveled to over 52 countries and enjoy the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want. I have cultivated and manifested my dream life.  The deeper I dive into myself, the more truth I can speak, and the more results I can manifest. I have gone beyond the impossible, and revelled in magick making, once I got it.

This is what the Unspoken has done for me, and how I would love for you to experience those results too. I want you to experience the kind of freedom that stepping into your purpose really brings.

My life is testament to the power of The Unspoken, and the gift that it is. 

Now, I would love to share that gift with you…


The Unspoken is a 3 month digital journey designed to help you connect to yourself, to dive deep and cut through all the B.S that has prevented you from living the life of your dreams. Perfect for the changemaker ready to play big, create true transformation and step into their brilliance. 


Are you ready?




The Unspoken Digital Program & Exclusive Membership Access.

Weekly game changing videos and specific resources supporting your Speaking to the Unspoken process. I encourage you to start your week embracing the themes, to allow yourself time to digest, process and integrate. I bring my real and raw approach to helping you create radical change. This program will function as a microcosm of how you play the game of life. It highlights how you do everything in your life, reveals anything that stops you and makes for a big, reflective process. 


Engaging Weekly LIVE ‘Unspoken’ Group Masterclass.     

You’ll enjoy a 2 hour LIVE Weekly Masterclass where you can dive deeper into your unravelling. You will receive personalised coaching with the opportunity of group format sharing for breakthrough opportunities. Loads of Q & A and engagement. Masterclasses are recorded, however I recommend you attend LIVE as there is potency in tuning into the group dynamic.


Unlimited Private Facebook Group and Support.

You will have the opportunity to connect with like minded souls also on the pathway to progress. Connect in with other changemakers and those dedicated to their uplevel. Strong connections and bonds are formed through the intimacy of this support channel. Plus, fun.


Energetic Guidance with Dasha

With a huge passion for personal development, a double major in psychology, and a true lover of all things progressive and ritual, I created "The Unspoken" body of work to help guide others to embrace and speak to the taboo and claim the unmet and unowned parts of self. So buckle up, this is totally going to transform every way in how you live your life. It is not for the faint hearted. Shit gets real! 





"Before the Unspoken I wanted to improve my manifesting skills, have more power in my life and combat negative self beliefs"


Out of doing the Unspoken I got all that plus a loving and transparent relationship with my boyfriend. I am now a proud small business owner. I have an online health business. I healed my sisterhood wound and manifested a loving community of women into my life which was not going to happen before. My life is much more authentic, I am honest, express myself and now know when to speak and when to just listen which was a huge growth for me! I ask for what I want now and believe I can create it. Life is filled with possibility. The most delightful part of the Unspoken was the meditation experiences and journeying deeper with myself. If you are thinking about working with Dasha… Do it!

You will uncover all the hidden demons working against you and get to live a more loving and empowering life.


Gemma A - Fashion stylist and online health business owner



"Before the Unspoken I struggled with money and being able to live my dream life. After the Unspoken everything transformed" 


Throughout the program I was fully expressing myself and all my beautiful qualities, shedding layer by layer each week. I found having a structure to my self development incredibly empowering and it gave me tangible subjects to work with weekly. I have also found that I have been more productive and way more confident in expressing myself. I now also have the tools to see my shadows and work through them as they come. I also had a massive breakthrough around my money story. Life is amazing and I feel like I'm exactly where I should be. The most delightful part for me was having a safe space to share vulnerably and authentically along with all of the weekly tasks!

My biggest takeaway was realising that we are mirrors off each other. Once we can fully embody this realisation, then the deep healing can take place. Unspoken is a life changing journey giving tools to be used afterwards. The way Dasha was so present with us and rooting for everyone the whole time made me feel grounded and that I could talk to her about anything.


Natasha Pritchard - A therapist at Lotus Hut and a manager at a crystal shop.



"I joined the Unspoken because I wanted to improve on my financial situation"


I wanted to generate more love/sex/relationship/physical affection in my life. All of what I desired happened plus I got my first client in the program which has now multiplied into 3 clients, which was a very big win and a proud moment for me! 

Now my life looks much more ordered, much clearer, much more aligned with my values than it did at the beginning of this program. I'm meditating more, using affirmations way more, creating my days/weeks from the future already fulfilled, I experience much more freedom around sharing on digital platforms which was another smaller goal for me in this program.

The other delightful part of my experience was that the other day I wrote down a number of key elements that I wanted in my day and they all happened. Beautiful women reaching out to me, money from the sky among a number of other things. That was so delightful to recognise how instantly and effectively that came true. The Unspoken seemed to have been at the heart of a whirlwind of transformation & self-discovery that I have been experiencing so far this year and that anyone who wants to expand themselves would do themselves a great service to participate in a program with Dasha.


Elliot H - Artist, Explorer, Poet, Wizard



If you want to connect to your purpose, and have a deeper understanding of yourself then these topics will really help you navigate who you are and why you are here. You will connect to what is important to you. 


You will see what is holding you back from being present to your life and achieving your most desired goals.


Over the journey of 3 months together, we dive deep into these topics:

Self Love

Soul Connections

Embodiment and Movement

Tapping Into Your Intuition

Freedom From the Shackle Of Shadow

Integration Week

Connecting To Magick

Discovering Your Soul's Purpose

Connection To Mother Nature

Boundaries And Consent

Sex And Pleasure


You will experience massive breakthroughs in intimacy


You will have a deeper and more peaceful connection with your family, friends and partner. You will have tools to deal with disagreements and triggers in a powerful, calm and clear way. 


You will have the tools you need to handle anything life throws at you


You will have a better understanding of yourself and be equipped to thrive. During times of chaos or trauma, you will have a deeper connection to your intuition, and a deeper, more loving relationship to yourself and those around you. You will have higher self worth, and a better understanding of your personal boundaries.


You will be able to move forward with choices that feel good and take action


Your new found sense of freedom and confidence will help you see yourself in a new way, as you will have challenged yourself. You will experience a new viewpoint of life, and tune into things about yourself out of your comfort zone. You’ll see the pathway ahead and the steps to take to help you reach your goals. 



Module 1: Self Love


Self love is a crucial key to your life working. Your relationship to self directly correlates to other relationships in your life. Self love is like an oxygen mask, you need to put it on yourself first before helping anyone else, it is the same with self love you need to heal yourself first before you can help/love anyone else because otherwise all your interactions are coming from a place of longing and filling a void inside of you.

In this module we will look at how your self worth has correlated to the choices you have made in your life - work, relationships, study.

Module 2: Soul Connections


In this module we look at the relationships in your life and your relationship to those relationships and how that is impacting. On my journey, I realised how important it is to have strong and powerful support networks. Looking back at my journey I see that I could not have gotten where I am now without the support and encouragement from the magical humans around me.

Your environment is the key. You are the average of the humans you surround yourself with.


Module 3: Embodiment and Movement


This module is about Embodiment and Movement.

In this module you are going to connect deep to the feminine and the masculine within and explore why sound, breath and movement is important and how it can give you more freedom in your life.

There is a lot of suppression of sound, breath and movement in our society, I am excited for you to experience the difference it is going to make in your life.

Module 4: Tapping Into Your Intuition

This module is about connecting to your intuition and practicing to surrender and trust. Intuition is a way for the divine to communicate with us. It is a way for us to connect to the source, it is a way for us to hear the universe. It is the access to the knowledge we all have. It is important to connect to our intuition because it is our insight into magic, it is our insight into the knowing, and flow. Once you find out about synchronicities you begin to see them everywhere. Once you are in sync - everything flows, when there is a stop you know something is not right and you can reassess.

​Module 5: Freedom From The Shackles Of Your Shadow


This module is all about the Shadow. The shadow is usually the underlying negative belief/s and/or stories in the subconscious. We tend to suppress the shadow because of the shame/guilt/fear and project it onto others. The shadow tends to block the flow and stops us in life. By this point in the course you will have enough tools to work through this module and leave feeling empowered, freed up and a heck lot lighter. You will receive deeper insights into what has been blocking you and stropping you from going for things you love/want. 

Module 6: Connection To Magick


This module is about connecting to the Magick, in this module we are going to dive deeper into morning ritual, rituals and gratitude practice. This module is about structure and rituals, discovering what things you can put in place to empower you.

I will be going through my practices and sharing my gratitude/manifestation daily practice. I will also discuss different rituals you can implement. Once you connect to magick life becomes easy. This module will show you that life doesn't have to be hard and that magic is real.

​Module 7: Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose


This module is all about discovering and connecting to your Soul’s desire and purpose. All humans have a longing for a purpose. When we are unsure of what it is, we may feel unfulfilled, lost and disconnected. We may feel all that and not know why. It is okay not to know your purpose, most of the time we think it is one thing and then it changes. This is because as we are journeying we are guided through different lessons, once those are learned we shift and transcend. If we don’t learn the lesson it repeats. Life is a big lesson we either win or we learn.

Module 8: Connection To Mother Nature


In this module you are connecting to mother nature, pachamama, mother earth and giving you more tools to harness the power of mother Gaia. You will see that we are nature and if we are not connected to nature there is a disconnect within ourselves. When living in big cities there tends to be a disconnect because we are surrounded by buildings and concrete. You will learn easy steps to dealing with stress and overwhelm and how to connect deeper to the knowledge passed down by generations. 

​Module 9: Boundaries and Consent


In this module you will deepen your understanding of boundaries and consent. From a young age we are conditioned to overstep our boundaries. We are not taught to listen to ourselves and to choose ourselves. Before I learned about boundaries I just made an assumption that someone wanted to do something or not, I didn’t actually ask. Most of the time boundaries are assumed in our society and you know what they say... assumption is the mother of all eff ups. Before learning about boundaries I never had the experience of my “no” being honoured. In this module you will master choice.

Module 10: Relationship to pleasure, Sex, Self Pleasure and Eros


This module is all about your relationship to pleasure.

Here we will look at what gives us pleasure and how to harness it. We will be looking at sexual pleasure and sexual energy Eros, lifting the shame and disempowering beliefs and societal constraints.

You will learn how to use sexual energy and deepen your connection to pleasure to empower you in everyday life and in pursuits of your purpose.



Feeling the freedom from the things that are stopping you from pursuing and having your dream life.


Feeling ready to complete the past and heal yourself. If you are ready to let go of the past and free yourself from constantly bringing it into your future. 

Imagine feeling the

Freedom Courage & Authenticity to be truly Unspoken






"Before starting the Unspoken I wanted to become more in tune with myself, as well as resolve mental obstacles that prevented me from going for what I really desired"


I wanted to start creating my dream life, find my purpose in life, live in abundance - both spiritual and material abundance - and accept myself fully and become more confident. 

Out of my participation in Unspoken I was able to gain confidence and decided to stay at home full time with my baby Bodhi guilt free. I was able to see that my resistance towards taking Bodhi to day care was tied into me not wanting to go back to my full time job. It was really liberating and energising when I consciously decided to go my own way and not do what "you are supposed to do" or what is "normal" nowadays. 

I was also able to open up more in the group, show my vulnerability in the posts. I am happy and confident to share more about me now because I accept myself more for who I am. I also feel free to share more with my partner James, which makes our relationship even deeper. 

I also loved getting to know the others and to journey together in a supportive community and I recommend working with Dasha to all.

Mirjam B - Full-time Mother



"Before joining the Unspoken I was struggling with the ability to express myself openly, to speak my truth and use my voice"


I wanted to develop the confidence to share my gifts with the world, to let go of the innate fear of judgement and to release all feelings of unworthiness and self doubt. Since joining the Unspoken I have noticed my friendships and connections with loved ones deepen,  after allowing myself to be more vulnerable and authentic within them. I have recognized huge shifts in the ways in which I love myself, and how this filters out into almost every aspect of my life.

Since completing the program I am still doing the work every day and going deeper and deeper into all layers of what was uncovered through speaking to the Unspoken. I am now feeling genuinely grateful and excited to be doing it, it truly feels like a blessing! Having witnessed my addictions, coping mechanisms and unhealthy attachments, I have found the courage to eventually break out of the cycle and have let go of so much that was no longer serving me. 

It takes a lot to be able to look at your triggers, your wounds and your traumas and hold space for them lovingly to be transmuted. But I truly believe this is the safest space in order to do that. I now can listen to and trust my intuition. I honour every emotion that rises, and carry it all in love and acceptance. I embrace the sacredness of the present moment. I express gratitude every day for the opportunity to experience and explore the gift of being alive.


Bethan B - Sales Assistant 


Are you ready to join The Unspoken?


I will ask you to...


Show up, show up as you are, in your joy, in you chaos, in your magic and in your pain. This is a judgement free zone, all of you is welcome. Reach out when you are stuck, sometimes this is hard, our ego or self worth gets in the way. The ego says that it knows better or that you are not worthy enough to have “special attention” f**k that I say. I am here to show you your full worth, unlock every bit of it and connect you to your divine purpose.

I need you to watch the videos, do the exercises and show up for the community. So you will need to set up a structure to empower you to complete the weekly tasks. 

Remember this program is the microcosm of your life the way you play the game of life will directly correlate to the way you are showing up in The Unspoken. Lets have you win, you are ready!

You are meant to be here, let me help you remember









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I acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of this nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn, play and work. I pay respects to their Ancestors and Elders, past, present and emerging.