Unleashed is a 30 Day Self and Pleasure course designed to help you in discovering your erotic shadow imprint and heal it, in a gentle, supported and nourishing way. Unleashed channeled through me during COVID, it was one of my biggest self love awakenings. It led me to totally transforming my self worth, allowing love in and meeting my soulmate. Before channeling and journeying this course I thought I was connected to my body but I realised it was all superficial. I never actually listened to my body or honoured my pussy. 


I overstepped my boundaries many times. 


I also discovered that I totally outsourced my pleasure and didn’t know how to orgasm without outside stimuli (vibrator, fantasy, porn, toys). Half way through the challenge I was able to deeply reconnect with my body and began to experience mind blowing, out of this world, never felt before ecstatic orgasms with no outside stimuli, just breath and my hands. I learned how to use pleasure to work through trauma and move through emotions stored deep in the cellular memories. 

I am super grateful and excited to be sharing this course with you, it completely changed my life. It not only changed my sex life, but it allowed me to meet my soulmate, it supported me in transforming my money story and lead to massive breakthroughs in my business. I truly believe that if you do this course you will revolutionize the way you relate to yourself, to pleasure, your worth and any other area of life as it is all connected and interlinked.

Are you feeling disconnected from pleasure, your body, your genitals or your worth? This course is for you.

In the Unleashed you will learn what is an erotic shadow, what is your erotic shadow and how to heal it. Embarking on this journey will lead you into deeper connection with yourself, your body and your genitals. It will give you tools to gently and softly work through past trauma, stored emotions, past relationships, sexual shame and other aspects of your shadow.

You will be supported in a loving and authentic community of like-minded souls who are ready to transform their self-worth through looking at their relationship with pleasure and their body.


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I want to know a bit more first...

Video transmission for the energy of this course...




The transmission is 45 minutes so if it is your vibe, grab a cuppa and buckle up otherwise keep scrolling for words and stuff.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who wants to find their soul mate, reclaim their power, liberate themselves from shame, have better sex/orgasms etc, heal their erotic shadow.


Who is it not for?

  • Creeps, lurkers, bystanders. It is okay if you are shy by this program is an intimate safe space for full self-expression. Any disrespect of boundaries or agreements will not be tolerated.
  • It is not for people who want one on one support, this is a group program you will have access to me in a group setting otherwise you can book an alignment call to see if we are a match to work together.
  • Who are not ready to invest in themselves time, money etc.
  • This is not for you if you are not committed to transforming, you are not ready to make time and space to integrate all the tools into your life.

Ask yourself...

Do I want to have a loving, deep, stable and secure relationship with the partner of my dreams?


Do I want to feel excited, inspired, and invigorated by life?


Am I ready to release things that are blocking me from manifesting my dream life?


Am I sick of the erotic shadow running my life in the subconscious?


Do I want mind-blowing, cosmic sexual experiences? 


Do I want to experience my first orgasm or become multiorgasmic (yes you too men)?


Am I done complaining that I will never find the right one?


Am I done with constantly attracting dickheads or players?


Am I done feeling unsatisfied with my sex life?


Am I done over boring one nightstands that leave me unfulfilled, unsatisfied and craving something more?


Am I done with feeling confused by why I just can’t attract the right person? Why I am the only single person left, what the F is wrong with me?


Am I done worrying that nothing will change?


Am I done questioning whether I am broken?


If you answered yes to any of the above, this course is for you, click below to buy now.



Or are you feeling...

A bit meh, numb, blocked or uninspired?

These are some symptoms of blocked life force energy.


Have you been self-sabotaging your relationships? 

Are you a commitmentphobe?


I feel you I was totally there.


I used to attract the wrong type of men. I thought all men were dickheads.

I was never able to find the right one. And when I kinda did - something BAD would happen.

I thought I was sexually liberated but then realized that I outsourced my pleasure to porn, fantasy and vibrators.

I realised that I was just having junk food quickest and missing the whole point of self-pleasure. I was missing the self part and the pleasure.

My junk food quickies were bursts of sensation or a release.


I was always in the rush trying to get there and completely missing the point ( in self-pleasure and in life). 

You know what they say, how you do anything is how you do everything.

This is pretty ironic because I thought I was pretty sexually liberated. I thought because I had great communication skills I had a great sex life.

The thing is I probably had a better sex life than those with no communication skills. But a major part was missing - I didn’t actually know myself or what I wanted.

I outsourced that to the porn industry, society and my lovers. I assumed that they should know. 

My job was to just have orgasms and when they didn’t match. Then I made them wrong and myself wrong.

A lot of the time it did match up and I had orgasms. BUT not the type of orgasms I started having when I totally reclaimed my power.


Due to a crazy download during my 13 month trip around the world, I decided that my purpose was “to empower women to have self-love and orgasmic sex”.

This wild decision lead me to learn more about tantra and I ended up in a crazy sex school, with sacred sexuality rituals and shamanism. Which lead me to learn Betty Martin’s work The Wheel of Consent who I had the honour and pleasure of doing a 7-day intensive with!! 

This was just before covid hit in 2019. At the point I had a psych undergrad, I was a certified yoga teacher, I have been diving deep into womb work and blood mysteries with some crone witches, completed ISTA L1 & L2, I studied with Betty Martin, totally blew my crown charka wide open with William Whitecloud, and became a psychic intuitive. I was just discovering Layla Martin.


The world then shut down and I channeled this body of work which totally transformed my life.


It liberated me from the shame I had carried in my body. It showed me that I was outsourcing pleasure and allowed me to reclaim the keys to my temple, my body, and my pussy.

It showed me how to block up energy leaks, it healed parts of me that repelled men. 

It made me so freaking magnetic that straight out of lockdown met my soul mate, the man I have been manifesting and only thought existed in my dreams. I manifested this god fairy into my life, in Perth where I thought I would never ever find someone.


My life has never been the same and it has taken me 2 freaking years to finally birth this mammoth of a creation. Since then I have become a certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach in VITA™ methodology (The Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach) with Layla Martin.

A whole year and a half, 650 hours in what I call the witch, sex college was fucking mind-blowing and out of this world. You can watch more here (link to come).


This is a course like no other…

You won’t just learn the information, you will be integrating it straight away. The course is designed in the way that you learn through felt and somatic experiencing.

It is not just more new information, it is a full-body, mind, and soul experience.

It is designed to build on every day, day by day. There will be a lot of integration time.

I believe that the most important part is the integration and a lot of the time that is the piece that is missing from courses.


It will be totally infused with magic, miracles, wooh wooh, spirit, fluff, sparkles, fairies, and all the other things that are taboo, shamed and rejected.


Throughout the 30 days you will be able to connect deeper to yourself, your pleasure, your body, your pussy/cock/genitals, your desire, and your dreams.

You will get all the tools to put yourself into a safe and resourced space to complete stress cycles and release trauma that has been stored in your cellar memories from this life or the past.

 You will learn new tools, techniques and ways to satisfy yourself. You will learn how to self-pleasure without fantasy, porn, or vibrators - just deeply connected and present with self.


There will be meditations, sharing, witnessing, dance parties, sex magic, group rituals, resources and other yummy magical secret bonuses.


You will be able to reclaim the power of pleasure. The power of your body and its desire. 


The course is designed in stages. First we to clear out negative patterns, bring healing and complete stress cycles. Which creates a fresh canvas for building a strong foundation of self-love and radical acceptance. We will then be using sex magic to manifest all your dreams and desires into reality opening you up to receive all the pleasure, all the love and all the magic you want.


Community is a huge part of my work and of course this course.

In my programs and workshops, we don’t just accept difference, we celebrate everyone’s uniqueness. We celebrate all shapes, ages, colours, genders, sexualities and abilities. Community is one of our tops values. I strive to create a safe and radically inclusive space. The foundations of my work are all about radical self-love and acceptance for self and for all around us. My offerings are open to all people including those with disability and other impairments. Please if for some reason you notice something missing, let me know. I will listen to you, to your needs, and will make sure that I can provide you with whatever you need to have a safe and profound journey.

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If you got this far...

And it feels like a no. Please honour that and maybe some of my other offerings will feel more in alignment.


On the other hand, if you are a fuck yes! BUY NOW.


If your heart and pussy/sock/gentles are tingling but there is still resistance read on.


I don't have time..

The course is designed in such a way that even the busiest people can make it work. You can check in daily but it is designed in a way that you can catch up, each day builds on top of each one and can be combined. 

So there is flexibility to check in daily, a few times a week, weekly, or just for the live sessions.


It’s too expensive…

Oh this old chestnut. To this, I ask you to take a deep breath, place your hand on your heat and imagine how your life would change by the end of these 30 days? What could be possible? Imagine all the magic and the miracles. Now, are you worthy of having this? Are you worthy of that investment?

If not why not? Nothing is ever too expensive if you are worth it.

You are a powerful manifester - if you really wanted it you can make it happen. Trust.



If you are ready..let's get this PLEASURE started 





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What's included:

  • 30 days of daily pre-recorded, life-changing content drops
    (meditations, mindset, practices, tools, lectures, transmissions)
  • BONUS 30 days live support
  • Mind-blowing, sacred, deeply nourishing community (on fb)
  • 2 LIVE Q and A Sessions
  • 3 LIVE Ritual and group practices
  • 1-year access to all the content and replays.
    (So you can take your time to integrate all the magic, all the wisdom.)

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