Do you want to manifest the best year yet?


By the end of the 3 days you will fine tune or learn the best technique to manifest the most magical year and life ahead.




17th, 18th & 19 Jan 2024

The times will vary to accommodate all the timezones. Please check the confirmation email for all the times.

***Instant Replays Available***

Join me for this 3-day masterclass, and you will uncover the keys to...


✔   Living a life of miracles and magic

The ability to experience magic and miracles as real and everyday occurrences.


✔  Manifesting your craziest, wildest dreams - making the impossible possible.

Stretching and expanding your reality of what is possible.


How to trouble shoot when things don't work out

Top tools to see why things you manifest are not working out and tools to realign to receive them.


✔ What not to do when manifesting

Learn the BIG no-nos when manifesting that may be stopping/ blocking you from actually receiving what you desire and more.


✔ Integrating this magic into your life style

Learn top tools and structures to keep the magic alive no matter what is going on in life and the world.


✔ Inspiring Community 

Joining this extravaganza will connect you with a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to living a life of miracles and magic. The shared experiences, insights, and support from this community will open a portal for us to transition from 2023 into 2024 in the most epic, loving, magical-conscious way. It will also provide ongoing encouragement and inspiration for you and the space to show up and be fully seen in your awesomeness.


You can't miss this if...


✔ You are terrified of letting yourself dream big and go for what you want

✔ You are ready to celebrate

✔ You are ready to live a life of miracle

✔ You are ready to open your mind and see the world differently

✔ You are ready to go for your dreams

✔ You are ready to play and have fun with a community of magicians and future magicians

✔ You want to live a life of joy, pleasure and bliss.

✔ You want to trust the universe more

You want to manifest the best year yet



About Your Facilitator


At 30 years of age, I live my purpose, I adore my life. I jump out of bed with excitement each morning (most days I don’t even drink coffee). I have travelled to over 55 countries and enjoy the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want. I have cultivated and manifested my dream life. My dream business and my dream relationship. The deeper I dive into myself, the more truth I can speak, and the more results I can manifest.


I used to believe that I couldn't make money from doing my soul work. I used to think that I had to give my gifts away for free, because who was I to make money from them? Or I had to have a soul-draining full-time job and do what I love as a side-hustle.


I used to think that I would be single forever and die alone because all men were arseholes and I only attracted d-heads.


I used to worry about time and money, I never felt like I had enough.


Everything shifted in my life when I was ready to take a truthful review of my life and my beliefs. 


I dived into exploring my taboos, my shadows, the parts I was ashamed of, the parts I hated and how I constructed my inner reality. 


My whole life transformed when I realised that money and love, and pleasure were all equal to how I felt about myself, and the more I live in my authenticity and truth, the more I am able to step fully into all my dreams coming true! 


Since then I have been able to support hundreds of people in transforming their beliefs and creating the life of their dreams with the manifesting tools I will be teaching in the Manifesting Extravaganza. And if it feels in alignment I would love to support you too :)


I am sooo excited to be gifting you this magical journey. Happy upcoming NYE.