How to Access Your Intuition On Demand: 


You will learn to connect with your guides, your higher self, your business entity, and of course, open the akashic records, plus much, much more...




Hello darling,


Have you ever desired to have the ability to access your intuition on demand?


Are you a naturally intuitive person?


I never thought I was.


I actually thought all this stuff was total BS and charlatanism.


I even did my Reiki training and still thought it was all a scam.


It wasn’t till I did this 7-day intuition training with a room on white-collar business people that started reading each other's minds…


That I thought to myself… holy shit this is real. 


If I was in a room full of hippies I would have never, ever believed it.


But it wasn’t.


It blew my mind and my crown chakra wide open.


At that moment I decided to continue to be mentored in alchemy and magic.


And now I bring this training to you.


These tools will blow your mind and give you simple structures to be able to access your intuition on demand.


In 3 hours you will learn to connect with your guides, your higher self, your business entity, and of course, open the akashic records, plus much, much more...


You will be a total pro…


Why? Because we are born intuitive and spend years and years ignoring our intuition and suppressing it, shaming it, doubting it, and questioning it.


After this training you will never question your intuition again, you will have all the power.





I want to share a little bit about why I think it has been so transformational for me to integrate this into my life.


I went from doubting myself, worrying, second-guessing to just relaxing and surrendering to my purpose. I knew it was no longer my human self struggling, it was now the divine speaking through me and I could relax.


I went from sitting for hours in front of my computer scrolling aimlessly and procrastinating things in life. I would be thinking of all the other things, choosing fonts, cleaning my room, calling my friends, getting some fresh air, sexy pleasure practices, mindset everything but taking action.


To now having this super tool that allows me to channel, and have structures to take actions around my dreams and desires. Sometimes I get so lost in the magic of my life, planning where to go next, channeling and releasing new courses, and eating my way around the world.


I have taught my clients intuition and have taught online courses around it, it is super easy and if you feel drawn to it, you can do it.


I condensed the 7 day (40 hour training) into 90 minutes and it freaking works, and it is super damn powerful. I am adding a special extra bonus for you this round - Arcashic Records.


Even with zero experience.


Even if you are triggered by the idea - as triggers are soul activations at the end of the day.


So if you are curious and want to join my little pop-up training.


There will be a little training to connect you to your intuition, meditation to drop you into your superpower, tips on confidence and how to trust your intuition, how to use it to manifest your dreams into reality, and space for Q and A.



Over the 3 hours, you will cover...


✔   Structure 

Tools on how to access your intuition on demand

✔  Inner Trust

How to trust yourself, your intuition and have confidence with tools.

✔ Safety

How to trust yourself, your intuition and have confidence with tools.

✔ Opening/Strengthening Your Channel

You will learn to connect with your guides, your higher self, your business entity, and of course, open the akashic records, plus much, much more...

✔ Action

How to use the information you get to fulfil on your mission and purpose in life, and live a life of pleasure and fun.

✔ Practice

You will have time to practice the tools right there and then, so you are not just learning the information you are implementing it straight away.


There will also be a Bonus Integration Call

Giving you time to sit with the new tools and for questions to arise we will meet for more practice and Q and A in a week.



You can't miss this if...


✔ You want to access your intuition anytime, any place

✔ You are too scared to use your superpower and want support and structures to access them in a safe way

✔ You are ready to finally launch or finally take that action you have been thinking about over and over again

✔ You want to learn to trust your intuition

✔ You are ready to allow yourself to have the thing you want

✔ You are ready to stop letting doubt and shame get in the way of what truly matters to you

✔ You want more confidence

✔ You want to follow your dreams and discover your purpose

✔ You want more joy, fulfillment, and power in your life

✔ You are sick or repeating the same patterns

✔ You are over setting big goals and never achieving them


In this training, I will share the best tools to tap into your intuition on demand.

I will also teach you what to do with the guidance and wisdom that comes through you and how to turn it into divine-inspired action.



What benefits my clients and I have found being able to tap into our intuition:


✔ Freedom and confidence

I could surrender and know the divine would take over

Downloads on actions to take in life

Super fast results in their goals

Sooo much more fun, pleasure and ease in life.

Huge breakthroughs in their careers and businesses


Are you ready to invest time and money?





What you get:

- A 3-hour training that will be change your life


**Lifetime access to replay for you to refer to over and over again**.


After Payment you will receive an email confirmation with the recording, if you are having any issues please email me.

Hi I am Dasha


At 29 years of age, I live my purpose, I adore my life. I have travelled to over 53 countries and enjoy the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want. I have cultivated and manifested my dream life with help of my superpower...intuition. The deeper I dive into myself, the more I trust myself, the more truth I can speak, and the more results I can manifest.

I used to believe that I had to work hard to play hard. That I couldn't get paid to do what I love in ease and flow.

I used to think that I had to give my gifts away for free, because who was I to make money from them? Or have a soul-draining full-time job.

Everything shifted in my life when I was ready to take a truthful review of my life, and my beliefs and start to live my life from intuition and divine-inspired action. 

I started to see that it was about working smart not hard and that my intuition was guiding me along the way I just had to listen.

My whole life transformed when I realized that money love, and pleasure were all equal to how I felt about myself, and the more I lived in my authenticity and truth, the more I was able to step fully into all my dreams coming true! 

Since then I have been able to support hundreds of people in transforming their beliefs and creating the life of their dreams.

And I want to help you! Join me for this intuition training and learn how you too can harness this superpower you were born with. 


What others have shared...


"Thank you so much for doing this training Dasha! I loved so much about it but my favorite moments were the exercises where we got to practice using our intuition and hearing the reflections afterward!"


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